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Balancing Act

Let’s try a balancing exercise!

1. Find a room with plenty of space or even use your backyard.
2. Pick one foot off the ground - Now your standing only on one foot.
3. Try and remain as tall as you can - Stick your arms out to your side if you need some extra balancing help
4. Let’s see how long you can hold it - When you’re done with one leg, try the other leg (Can you go just as long?)
5. If it gets too easy, try closing your eyes!


Favorite Vegetables?

What are some of your favorite vegetables? Any vegetable that is green is OK with me!

Try and list your top 3 favorite vegetables - and then try and eat them before the day is over! This is a great healthy habit that should be everyday.


Up and Down Stairs

Let’s get your heart rate up!

1. Find a staircase
2. Slowly walk up the stairs and then carefully back down - it’s just that easy!
3. As you feel more comfortable with going up and down, try to go up the stairs faster, but always move slowly down the stairs!
4. That’s it! Keep doing it until you feel your heart beating faster, plus, your legs will get tired.

Also, if you can’t find a staircase, find a single step or sidewalk ledge and step up and down from that. If you move quick enough it will work and challenge you just the same.

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How High Can You Get Your Knees

Let’s do some high knees!

1. Slowly, start running in place, be sure to stay on your toes - don’t let your heels touch the ground.
2. Once you’ve warmed up a bit, continue to run in place, but raise you knees up to your belly button.
3. This will really challenge your hips, especially on the front of your leg.
4. Once you have the movement down, see how fast you can get your legs moving, it will get pretty tough!

*You can also do this while moving forward - pick a 2 places in the backyard or driveway and go back and forth while doing your high knees.

Keep practicing and you’ll get faster in no time!


How High Can You Jump?

1. Find a piece of chalk.
2. Go outside and find a brick or concrete wall. Do not perform this challenge on walls inside!
3. Stand right up against the wall, reach up as high as you can, and make a mark with the chalk.
4. Jump up as high as you can and use the chalk to make a mark on the wall.

The distance between the chalkmarks is how high you jumped!

Keep practicing your jumping and the distance between chalk marks will get bigger!

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Fruit Challenge

This one is really easy to do!

First, think of 2 fruits that you enjoy eating. Second - EAT THEM!

Try and make a habit of this everyday. In fact, when you get really good at eating 2 pieces of fruit, try eating 3, and so on. Then, the next time you run to the kitchen to grab some candy or potatoe chips, find that fruit that you enjoy and eat that instead!

What a great, healthy habit!


Jumping Jacks

How many Jumping Jacks can you do in 1 minute?

To do a Jumping Jack first start jumping up and down (not to high though). After that, throw your arms in the air and your legs out to the side on one jump, and then bring them back to the starting position on the next jump.

Use your watch or find a clock on the wall with a second hand. See how many Jumping Jacks you can do in 1 minute and post your results in the comments section!

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