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Exercise Combo!

Here’s another exercise combo!

Let’s do 20 jumping jacks followed by 20 crunches. Repeat that cycle a total of 5 times. That means you did 100 repetitions of each!

Check out the videos for any help with technique.


School and Exercise

School will be back in session soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get quality exercise in everyday.

In addition to your activity class during the day, you can always go outside, play sports, or go for a walk after school is over.

Think of all the opportunities you have to be active during your school day.

Just don’t forget to do your homework!!!


This Move will Help Build Abdominal Strength

Watch this video to learn how to do Crunches

Be sure to find a soft piece of floor!


Slowly but Surely - Here’s Another Video

Here’s how to do High Knees!

It’s sure to get your heart rate up!


Squats Video

Any questions on the squat technique?

Check out this video for any help you might need!